GENPLAN - is a shop for those who know what they buy.

The site is focused on providing completely safe and confidential service for its buyers. Lack of descriptions and pictures of the goods may be a shortcoming for the beginners, but on the other hand it allows avoiding undesirable attention to the site and its visitors.

Minimalistic design helps focus on the main thing - it is easy, convenient and safe to by familiar goods at a good price.

The possibility of cash on delivery payment to the courier or at the post office minimizes your doubts when buying at our shop for the first time.

On-line payment with credit card or via any other electronic payment systems provides a modern level of on-line purchase convenience and minimizes checkout time.

Our on-line shop works throughout Russia. We can guarantee the high quality of the goods supplied directly from Europe.

In addition, cooperation with us may provide the following advantages:
•    you can order one or several products out of 1000 sorts created by professionals;
•    we accept orders 24 hours per day and 7 days per week;
•    we offer several payment and delivery options, so that you can choose the easiest and the most convenient one;
•    irrespective of the delivery method you choose, you can get the information on the current location of your order;
•    in case of any problems with delivery, we either make a refund or resend your order to the specified address.

Fully confidential and guaranteed safe delivery of your orders

It is guaranteed that you are absolutely safe to contact us. We send goods in special nontransparent and shock-resistant packaging which prevents determining the contents of the parcel at the post office or courier services. Sealed envelopes allow preserving initial properties of the products, excluding any damage.

We offer reasonable prices for all the products presented in the catalog, which allows you to get quality goods cheaply. In addition, you can use our promotional offers, place an order at a favorable discount, get bonuses and presents providing real saving.

All our goods are delivered only in the original manufacturer's packaging.

You are always welcome to contact us. If you have any requirements, proposals, comments regarding the work of our Internet shop, please write to us and we will be happy to take your opinion into consideration: